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Thank you for visiting our website ExamPandit.in. Our privacy policy governs the way in which we collect the information for our website and we invite our readers to view our policy before they continue further with our website. By using our services, you are agreeing to the policies, so please read this carefully.


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About ExamPandit.in

Through the website ExamPandit.in, we strive to provide our readers the detailed information about the entrance examinations conducted by the universities all across India. We are focused on providing all the necessary and accurate details to our visitors so that they do not miss out on any important education alerts and notifications.


The information that we provide on our website is collected from various resources. Although we try our level best to provide only genuine information to our readers, we cannot take guarantee of its 100% accuracy. We do provide all the details of the various entrance examinations conducted by the different universities of the country, but we are not the official body behind these examinations.

Our Policy

We always strive to provide the information that is true to our knowledge. The content we post on our website is collected from some major sources like NEWS agencies, official websites of the exam conducting bodies, press sources, etc. We have earned the trust of our readers by providing them the information that they were looking for. We do not accept any kind of guest posts from any organization that are meant only for commercial purpose. Also, we do not have any tie-ups with any educational institutions. The content of our website is generated on the basis of the researches done by our editors, writing staff and research team.

Note: If you feel like there is any kind of error occurring in our contents, feel free to contact us. And if we find your suggestion helpful, we will update it on our page. Please write your suggestions to us.

Web Compatibility

Our site is compatible with different mobile platforms, tablets, desktops and laptops. The minimum tested screen resolution required for desktop is view 1024 X 768. In case you find any difficulty in accessing our site, you can let us know that and we will fix your issue as soon as possible.

Terms of Use

Content Restriction: All the contents, logos, images, media files, animations, clippings displayed on our website are the sole property of the management of ExamPandit.in. Copying or republishing our date to any other website or social site for personal and (or) commercial use is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule may lead us to take legal actions against the guilty person (or organization) in accordance with the policies of Cyber Law.

Age Restriction: As per the Federal’s Law Children Privacy Policy, this site is restricted to be accessed by the children who are below 13 years of age.


We allow the third parties to display their advertisements on our website, in order to manage the expenses of our website. However, we do not own the responsibility of the practice employed by the owner of the advertising websites. Some of these advertisements are shown by the Google Adsense who displays the ads based on the past browsing history. They manage cookies to provide the reader ads relevant to them, the ads they have searched in previous times. These cookies do not collect any user data. You can turn them off too, but doing so will not allow some of our features to be displayed on our website properly.

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